Events restrictions and considerations

Each of the standard events are there because are most common across industries. We continue to add “standard” events based on various integrations with new channels or new types of businesses. Some of those have some restrictions and determine our systems to act accordingly: Events generated by bots By default […]

Explanation of Web Pixel Integration

There are specific needs of JS integration or HTML changes requirements. Everything refers tothe platform running in the browser: JS is needed for events integration, custom selectors or on page variables HTML is needed for changes in interaction campaigns (and maybe emails) Solution overview The pixel script is loaded on […]

Common issues with domains and websites

There are many things on the web that for a normal user do not matter and do not change anything in his browsing endeavour. But behind the scenes, the technology abstracts some of these problems in order to make it a smoother experience: for example http and https (secure browsing, […]

How to check confirmation events

You have 3 ways to determine if confirmation events are received correctly into the system. If you send Javascript events correctly confirmations can be found in the following places: Activity Feed Go to Setup Activity Feed and you can see live flow of incoming events. User profile Order confirmations are […]

Secondary data feeds

You can have more than 1 data feed to use product information in your campaigns. This section is available under Catalog -> Data feeds The following restrictions apply: there is only one main data feed that needs to include all your products from the site. Your catalog only includes products […]

How to create Dynamic Ads with text and image overlays

Dynamic Product Ads can be configured in multiple ways. Those are one of the best performing Ads. The Ad section Here you can edit the dynamic values of the texts that show up in the Ad. Available fields are: {{product.price}} {{product.description}} {{}} Some filters you can add by having | […]

How to create a new Facebook campaign

Facebook campaigns are the end goal of Facebook Integration. Please make sure you completed Facebook Integration before creating campaigns. Our system synchronises all Facebook resources when you save them with Facebook Ad platform. Resources are: Ad Creatives Ad Ad Sets Campaigns Structure of a Facebook campaign can be like the […]

What are Facebook audiences

Facebook Audiences is one the core parts of Facebook Ads system. It determines who will see your ad. Those audiences need to be set before you create your Ad Campaigns in order to be easier later to set them up. There are multiple types of audiences, each of them depending […]