Common issues with push notifications

After having our web push solution installed by many of our customers, here are the most common issues found when installing those: Public files are not available in the browser. Make sure the 2 files are uploaded to the server and are publicly available Enable Push notifications from our dashboard […]

What are email webhooks

Email webhooks represent events received from our Email Service Providers that tell what happened to an email. Based on each email sent the following events can be received: delivery. Email was sent successfully to the email address spam. User marked email as spam unsubscribe. User unsubscribed, either using the unsubscribe […]

Forms inside Interaction template (advanced use)

Having input fields in your interaction template have multiple benefits, like collecting email addresses or improving user profiles with more data (collect birthday, pets, children or any other user attribute you have). There is a selection of built-in classes that allow you to easily create those templates, and to generate […]

Types of web site campaigns

Campaigns that run on your website can do a various number of things: display static content, like a bottom/top bar or a widget on the side of the page collect email addresses, using various intent triggers change existing website content, to create A/B/X tests using a workflow. display polls to […]

How to collect emails from other site forms

You can update existing html subscription forms on your website if you want to send new subscribers to our system. Steps you need to follow: 1.Identify the location of the form in your templates or site files. (usually it’s in the footer or has a special designated page)   2. […]

Common issues with interaction templates

Prestashop checkbox and radio inputs On some Prestashop themes, there is an issue transforming input elements and enclosing them in a <span or a <div tab. To cancel this behaviour you will need to add noUniform class to the input elements (checkboxes and radio buttons)   Backgrop element as root […]

How to send Text messages using Twilio

Create your first Twilio project. Depending on your needs, you might want to look into Twilio subacounts. Account SID, and Auth Token need to be copied into our dashboard, under Settings, External accounts. External account configuration.   Create a phone number: and configure it for receiving webhooks using your account […]

Delivery channels

For our Newsletter, Recurring, Workflow and Transactional campaigns we offer 3 delivery channels: email text message push message Those channels can be configured per campaign level or even for each piece of content. For best email delivery with a from address using your domain you will need to authenticate your […]

How to add recommendations to Shopify theme

In order to have product recommendations on any of your pages you need to place campaign code in that place. Go to Edit Code for your current theme. Within the sidebar you’ll have a list of templates and sections. Choose the one that contains code of the position of the […]

About catalogue reports

Catalogue reports are created based on events and product data. We do the following reports, focused on items and categories: top viewed items top added to cart items top wishlisted items most purchased items Also there is a report showing you the most searched terms on your website. Note that […]