Advanced user segmentation

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By using our solution you can make an advanced user segmentation on either site campaigns or interaction campaigns

This is the most important feature of our platform, therefore it is continuously improved. Please come back here once in while or subscribe to our newsletter so you can keep track of the changes we make.

The segmentation conditions are the following:

  • User attributes, like city, sex
  • On site activity (in the current session)
  • Past activity – events that are send to¬†our app

The segmentation option is available for each campaign you create.


Email campaign segmentation

Segmentation based on user attributes

Segmentation based on past activity

Advanced vs Active Subscribers

Clicking advanced will allow you to edit conditions for selecting recipients.

Active subscribers will send to conditions set in the campaign, and only adds the conditions for the recipient to be subscribed.


Interaction campaign segmentation

Here is how the parameters for interaction segmentation are classified:

  • UTM params and campaigns
  • Traffic source
  • Ecommerce
  • Events
  • On site behaviour
  • User attributes
  • Technology used

The segmentation interface allows you to add more conditions at the same time. Once all the conditions are achieved, the campaign is going to be displayed for the users.




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