How to segment users coming from external referrers?

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Our solution allows to segment users coming from others websites, through paid/free advertising or just from various sources (facebook, google or any other site).

There is a special event named: Visit from referrer

First you need to enable this event of being automatically generated from Settings -> Account Settings -> JS integration. After setting the value to YES events will be automatically generated in the following cases:

  • An external source is identified (links for your website opened in the same window)
  • A UTM_campaign param is available in the url.

Note that the event is not generated for links opened in new browser window, without a utm_campaign param, because browsers are not sending the information.

How can you use Visit from Referrer in segmentation?

Referrer event works just like every other event. You can segment users searching for the referrer URL or UTM params.

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