How to track behaviour inside Google Analytics

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Our system offers a few ways of tracking user behaviour inside Google Analytics. There are:

  • UTM params from external traffic (email/push/advertising)
  • generated page views (for onsite campaigns).
  • Google Analytics integration using events

UTM Params for all Campaigns

For all you can have set those UTM params at account level as well as campaign level.

Using those settings you can track user behaviour using standard Google Analytics reports.

Generated page views

We respect other traffic sources and do not overwrite them by default.

In order to be able to track user interactions with our campaigns on your website, we set campaign sources.

Submit events (on our email collectors or forms).

This is an internal tracking we add to links to your site pages.


Google Analytics Integration

Our standard analytics integration allows you to send custom events to you Analytics account for more advanced reports.

Feel free to use this feature as you wish to create advanced Google Analytics reports.

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