How cache works for onsite campaigns and how to refresh it

We get this question very often: “I started my campaigns, why it’s not showing on the website?”. So here is the explanation:

All onsite campaigns (content, interactions, ads, forms) are leveraging CDN cache for faster delivery of the content.

As an effect, there will be a delay from the moment you save a campaign (and/or it’s content) and the actual changes taking place. We call it cache. It happens for newly started campaigns as well.

The delay could be within the range of 10minutes to 1 hours. Without the cache the campaigns will take a little more time to be displayed for normal usage.

How to force this cache to be removed?

If you have the old integration script, which loads file from Google Storage:

There is one way to get rid of this cache, by adding a random parameter at the end of our loader script. Anything like ‘loader.js?’ + Math.random() will work. Or just ‘loader.js?v=1′

If you have the new integration script which loads file from our own cdn (

Log in to your account and go to Account Settings. There is a Purge Cache button, which will refresh the cache within seconds. Note that we only allow purging cache once every 5 minutes.

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