How campaign priorities work

If you’re using our app at full potential you will have multiple campaigns running at the same time.

For onsite campaigns, you might want to display a special offer on exit intent, another message when user scrolls up to 80% of your page, or after 10 seconds of inactivity and a poll to ask for his favourite flowers.

But all these cases can happen on the same page, simply showing users’ lots of messages! Something ugly like this could happen (not really like that, but you got the point)


Solution is to prioritise campaigns

Simply put, the campaign with the highest priority will have a chance to be displayed. (Note that we didn’t say it will be displayed, only it has the chance to). Because if it’s an exit intent triggered campaign, it will be displayed only if the user tries to exit the page.

So, for the previous case with multiple campaigns, let’s assume the exit intent campaign has priority 10 and the rest 0. If on one page, all conditions are valid for all campaigns, then only the exit intent campaign will have a chance to be displayed.

Real use-case

While this will work for campaigns that have different triggers, it’s most used when 2 or more campaigns with the same trigger. For example you have 2 campaigns triggered by exit-intent:

  1. Don’t leave the cart behind (with no promotion inside)
  2. Don’t leave the cart behind (for carts over $150, with a voucher attached).

Both can be displayed on any page, but you’ll want 2nd campaign to have more importance (because of the cart value). So you’ll add a higher priority to it.

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