How to register users from agency website

Any digital agency has a subscription form for new users. You can use interaction forms from your own agency account in our app or use any other form.

To automatically create user accounts from your agency site:

  • use one of our form campaigns and use “send to endpoint” feature, which will send form details to our special endpoint;
  • use your own forms and send a request to our endpoint with the required data.


Method: POST


  • action=register -> special param, used to register the user
  • responder[email protected] -> if added, as valid email address, will send an email about filling the form
  • email=**|email|** -> the only required value, needs to be a valid email address
  • name=**|name|** -> name
  • phone=**|phone|** -> phone number
  • url=**|url|** -> url
  • password=**|password|** -> desired password (if left blank we will generate one when registering the user)
  • platform=**|platform|** -> ecommerce platform sued
  • agency=**|agency|** -> please replace with your agency ID.
  • lang=**|session.lang|**

Those params will be linked to the new registered user.

An automated email will be sent to this user to confirm email address. After confirming it will be able to create first account. This is very useful for agencies who enabled self-registration.

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