Product recommendations content

Unlike the rest of the onsite campaigns, products recommendation campaigns do not have the option of choosing a template. Both the design and the campaign content must be created in HTML by you.

For editing product recommendation campaings, you will need to know some basic HTML because the campaign design can be created just by using HTML. Once you will click the Edit button from CONTENT, a pop up will show up, where you have a blank space for writing your HTML. In case you want an example, on the right side of the pop up you have the EXAMPLE HTML button.

Tags Menu it shows you some dynamic tags which you can include in your campaign.

From Algorithms Tab you have the possibility to set the proper settings for the products that will appear in the recommendation campaign.

Number of products is the number of products that you want to have in your product recommendation campaign.

The products that will appear in the campaign will be automatically added after selecting the proper algorithms (maximum 3).


Abandoned basket products – it will show the products that the user abandoned/ forgot in the basket

Best seller by conversion rate last 30 days – it will show the bestseller products based on the conversion rate in the last 30 days

Best seller by units last 30 days – it will show the bestseller products based on units in the last 30 days

New products added last 30 days – it will show the products that were added in the last 30 days

Products cross-sell – it will show complementary products to the product/category we are on

Products upsell – it will show higher price products than the product on the page we are on

Related to search results – it will show similar products to the ones the user searched for

Products from viewed categories – it will show products from the categories the user visited

User viewed products last 30 days – it will show the products the user saw in the last 30 days

Similar to basket products – it wil show similar products to the ones from the basket

Products bought together – it will show products that were bought together with the purchased product

Product with best discounts – it will show the products with the best discounts

Products matching item fields – with this algorithm we can create personalized conditions for your shop. For example, the condition “include products from brand X”

Note: Some algorithms are available just on some particular pages because there is where you can find the input information. For example, for the similar products algorithm we have to be on a product page.

After adding the algorithms, you can some more options:

  • show the higher price products,
  • show the products that are on sale
  • show products that are from the same category.

If you want to set more advanced conditions, in the right side of the pop up you can find more advanced options like “exclude/include products” ,exclude/include categories”

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