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There are many things on the web that for a normal user do not matter and do not change anything in his browsing endeavour. But behind the scenes, the technology abstracts some of these problems in order to make it a smoother experience:

  • for example http and https (secure browsing, which we recommend)
  • www prefixed domain (which is actually a subdomain technically speaking) but pointing to the main domain.
  • checkout or cart subdomains that also change the url (user does not see this usually)
  • browser restrictions on data storage, cookies permissions

For our pixel to work consistently across those url changes, with the limitations imposed be modern browser, this is a challenge. Data can not be passed between http and https or between subdomains in full, and some of it it’s lost when moving to another URL. Consider this when having interaction campaigns conditions or other rules that rely on data stored in the browser.

Note that when you use both and the user might be considered to be different!

When you have links pointing to http and some to https also, the data is not sent across them.


  • Always use HTTPS (secure browsing)
  • Try to move users across subdomains as little as possible.
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