Custom Event Tracking and Segmentation

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Here’s how to use custom events to track user behaviour. Those events can be used later in segmenting users and create a campaign for.

Creating Events

Let’s assume we have 2 custom events called: start_trial and end_trial. You will have to add those events whenever the user does the action (or send it server side)

  event: {
    "event_name": "start_trial", // required
    "trial_value": 200

Now we have the events on the website, we can check those are being sent using:

  • realtime activity feed. Available under setup > livestream
  • user profile

Using events in segmentation

We can now use those events in real-time segmentation (automations) or batch segmentation (segments, campaigns).

Example of user segmentation for generic events

For real time events (automation segmentation) we have a similar configuration:

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