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Each product recommendations widget has an advanced section of settings in order to better display the products you want:

  • Minimum Stock – If you have stock added in the product feed (please check) you can only display products with stock over a certain value. (For example enter 2 to display items with 3 or more stock).
  • Exclude products –(R) Will always exclude those products, regardless the algorithm;
  • Include products – (R) Will give more chances for these items to be displayed.
  • Include categories – (R) Will include items within these categories only.
  • Exclude categories –(R) Will not include products from these categories;

Include Items doesn’t mean those products will be displayed automatically. (R) adds some more importance to them and will only give a boost to any item from the list. So, those will be displayed only if (R) considers them matching the results of the algorithm.

So if you what to include products in your email using Product Recommendations Advanced Options, first select at least an algorithm, then go to Include & Exclude Settings, type the product name or category name in the section you prefer (include product or category ) if the stock data is available in the product feed type 1 in the Minimum stock section, to avoid displaying products out of stock:

When Including a product, two new sections will be displayed:

How many to include? – in a Two recommended products type 2, for Three Recommended Products type 3 if you want to prioritize all the products.

Prioritize Include Products – Choose YES, give priority to the included products

To test if the products you included are displayed in the email send yourself a test email.

You can also send yourself a live newsletter by adding in the conditions Email address – contains – “you email address” in Recipients and the newsletter will be sent only to you.

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