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We are structuring this guide by goals. Based on those goals you can create different types of campaigns.

First please make sure you got through What can you do with our Marketing Automation solution to understand the high-level possibilities you have.

After going through First steps with our platform you are ready to start creating campaigns.

Getting started

Most of our customers start with the following campaigns:

  • Collect new emails with popups
  • Send an email newsletter to all subscribers
  • Set-up cart&checkout abandoned campaigns

Based on this behaviour we’ve configured scenario campaigns (like pre-made recipes you just enable for you account).

Using Scenario Campaigns

Almost all of our campaign types have scenarios. Scenarios are represented by preconfigured campaigns that give you the possibility to make just small changes:

  • change content of the email and so on
  • small changes to behaviour

This is the best way to start if you don’t have the time or knowledge to create new concepts of campaigns. But remember that although those can quickly generate revenue, they are not the best ones and sometime, depending on your website, might not work at all.

Just to give you a simple use case: we can not send abandoned cart emails if we don’t have identified and subscribed users on the website. Therefore sometimes you need a structure and plan for your campaigns.

Creating New Campaigns

Creating new campaigns should always start with the question: What do I want to achieve?

Based on this answer you can make an idea using the following table. A message can be anything of:

  • email
  • text message (sms)
  • push notification
Goal / Campaign typeNewsletterTransactionalRecurringPollContentInteractionWorkflow
Send message to ALL
Retarget based on time
Action based retargeting
Collect feedback
Collect email addresses
Email series
Increase conversion rate
Recover carts
Goals and Campaign Types

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