How Algorithm Fallback works

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Algorithm Fallback it’s the last resort that tells the system what to do when there are no results within the whole list of algorithms.

There are 4 options for the fallback, for any recommendation block:

  1. Smart Recommendations
  2. According to filters
  3. Ignore position
  4. Stop display or delivery

1. Smart Recommendations

This option is actually on of our algorithms that return products linked to the user activity

2. According to filters

It takes into consideration the filters you added on products: include or exclude

3. Ignore position

When this is selected, there will be no products returned for that section (it will leave empty space).

This is useful for example when you have multiple recommender blocks within an email and you can just skip one if you have filters that do not return many products.

4. Stop display/delivery

Having no results for the list of algorithms will tell the system to not return anything. This will stop an email delivery or onsite recommendations.

A good example to use it is for abandoned cart, where you do not want to send an email to people who do not have products in their shopping cart.

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