How to add a new client from agency account

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Your agency account has a form for adding new clients. You need to enter:

  • Shop URL (including https or http). Copy it exactly as it is in the browser address bars
  • Shop title. Used only for reference, inside the dashboard and emails
  • Shop ecommerce platform. By choosing the ecommerce platform we can make it easier to integrate.
  • A first user is required (enter only email address, and we will generate the password). An invitation email will be sent to this user.

Emailing settings:

  • Default name and from email are set as defaults, but still require domain authentication before sending using our default infrastructure system

Other settings:

  • Client timezone (so we know how to schedule campaigns and a few other automated time-related systems)
  • Currency (used in reports, and emails)
  • Default language for dashboard. (each user can change the language from his account).

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