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Lucky Wheel is like any other interactive campaign, only that it has a custom configuration. You can find it under Interactions. It is also known as Wheel of Fortune.

There are 2 options on how to add a new Wheel of Fortune email collector:

  1. Copy the Lucky Wheel campaign from the gallery
  2. Create an interaction campaign with interactive Lucky Wheel content from the editor templates

Option1. Copy Lucky Wheel campaign from the gallery.


Option 2: New campaign with interactive content

Add new content to your interaction campaign, choose interactive campaigns and one of the Lucky Wheel designs we have already in the editor.

This campaign is configurable, through Config section when editing the content.

To configure the wheel you need to go to Config section for campaign content.

Configuration Options

Configuration for Lucky Wheel allow to set the following:

  • wheel size
  • text style: must follow the format (normal/bold/italic) (size)px (font-family)
  • winning options: number of sectors to split the wheel
  • color style: predefined colors for the sectors

Wheel sectors

Each winning option (wheel sector) gives you the option to set:

  • Label: text being displayed
  • Winner code: code displayed for that sector, if it’s the winner section
  • Winner info: information for the winner section. (For example describe what makes the coupon code valid)
  • Winning chances: each sector has a number of chances to be the winner (where the wheel will stop). You can set those 0 and that sector will never be a winner. Only integer values.

You can define custom colors, using hex codes, rgb(a) values or color names, using the “custom” style and a list of maximum 4 colors. Example: red, blue, green, yellow or #ff6666, #330000, #ff6666, #330000

Important if you want to make changes to the html. Submit button must have the onsubmit attribute set to _vtwheel.start(), otherwise wheel won’t start spinning.

By default winner sector code and info are passed along with the submit event of the form. You can use those in email send afterwards. Check this other article

How winning chances work.


  • Let’s assume the following configuration: Option1 – 5 chances, Option2 – 10, Option3 – 10, Option4 – 5, Option5 – 0, Option6 – 1
  • Option1 and 4 have each a statistical chance of 5 out of 31 of being winner
  • Option2 and 3 have each a statistical chance of 10 out of 31of being winner
  • Option5 would never be selected (0 chances)
  • Option6 would have 1 chance out of 31.

The above means that out of 31 spins, Option6 would have the probability of becoming winner once. This doesn’t mean it will be selected as winner one time out of 31. It can be none or even more than one, depending on random selection provided by browser.

If you do not want to give away prizes (discounts, vouchers) just set 0 chances for those options. Note that you can not set 0 for all of them, just make sure there is at least one option with messages like “More luck next time”.

Note:We can not be made responsible of giving away big vouchers or the user can trick the system and find out codes without leaving a valid/real email address.

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