How to send voucher codes for new email subscribers

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For this user flow you will need:

  1. Coupon codes
  2. Interaction campaigns (to get new emails)
  3. Transactional campaigns (to send welcome email and coupon code)

Setup coupon code

To find our how to configure coupon codes please proceed reading this article.

At this step you will need to save the code and copy it in the email template

Coupon code to be copied

Setup email collector popup

Email collectors can be added using Interaction campaigns.

Choose interaction type to collect email addresses

We have 2 articles on how to create an email collector campaign:

Setup transaction campaign to send welcome email

Trigger for transactional campaign will be data submission for 2.

Now in the content of the email you will need to copy the coupon code tag from step 1.


That would be able.

Don’t forget you can always test all campaigns before putting them on live.

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