How to setup white-label for an agency?

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We provide 100% white-label version of our marketing automation cloud.
Here’ how some requirements to have all links under your own domain name. By default we use and subdomains of it (our default whitelabel domain) to generate links.
There are a few steps you need to take for your Agency in order to have running without our name on it. Let’s suppose below your agency domain is

  • Control Panel (dashboard) subdomain
  • Pages domain:
  • Help domain:

You will also need to authenticate your domain for allowing our servers to send emails on your behalf (these emails include: notifications, weekly reports, emails for your clients). Note that not all emails will be sent using your authenticated domain, but some will still go using [email protected] or [email protected]

How to set up DNS entries

Client Control Panel

Add a CNAME record in your DNS zone pointing your subdomain to . After setting it you and your clients could access their account at


Add a CNAME record in your DNS zone pointing your subdomain to . This is used for subscribe/unsubscribe page, user profile and other public url’s/

Help articles

Add a CNAME record in your DNS zone pointing your subdomain to . This domain will contain help articles if you want to make them public to your clients. It looks similar like this one, only that the header will contain your domain name

Note: If using Cloudflare or other dns caching mechanism, you can leave it disabled for these domain names.

Email authentication

By default our emailing infrastructure is managed by There are 2 ways of authentication methods necessary, and are similar for your agency domain and for your clients:

SPF authentication

DKIM authentication

Please check this article about Domain Authentication .

If you have questions please get in touch with us.


Notifications are emails sent when certain actions occur. You can set an email address where notifications will be sent for your agency:

  • when you user is registered
  • when you account is added
  • when client is close to reach is limits

For outgoing emails to your customers, you can have your own custom email from address if you authenticate your domain. Best way to do this automatically is to authenticate it if you have a client account for your agency account. If you don’t have and do not want to create we help you with this.

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