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For product feed configuration, there are some params that can be configured on the module:

  • add_vat, default off (off/on) -> add vat to product price
  • vat_value, default 19% -> vat value to be added. Must be set as 19 for 19% or 25 for 25%
  • taxes, default on (off/on) -> add taxes to product prices
  • specialprice, default off (off/on) -> considers specialprice always instead of validating special price validity period
  • availability, default on (off/on) -> return availability for items
  • on_stock, default on (off/on) -> only return on stock products
  • get_stock, default off (off/on) -> return stock for products
  • final_price, default off (off/on) -> return final price on products

You will need to add those values to your feed URL section in Setup -> Feed, if the values you are looking for are different from our defaults.

For example if the feed URL is: you will end up having it like:

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