Onsite Campaigns Triggers

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Triggering onsite campaigns can be done in different ways:

  • based on how much time user spent on page
  • when it scrolls
  • clicking page elements
  • on exit intent (desktop)
  • on inactivity
  • on closing the page
  • on leaving the page (mobile)
Screenshot of onsite campaign triggers.

Some of these triggers can have parameters. For example:

  • time spent on page (how many seconds)
  • scroll percentage.

Reasons to use various triggers:

  1. Increase conversions: Testing different triggers gives you insight into the best timing and context for your popups.
  2. Better user experience: You can customize your popups to provide value to users at exactly the right time.
  3. Track user behavior: Testing different triggers allows you to observe user behavior and see how response rates change when different triggers are used.
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