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CSV format example (fields can be missing or be changed under any name). Please contact us if you already have a CSV product feed.

File header

“ID”;”Product title”;”Product URL”;”Categories IDs”;”Categories Titles”;”Description”;”Price”;”DiscountPrice”;”Photos”;”Color”;”Brand”;”Stock”;”Main”

ID field is a unique identifier for each product. If you have product variations (colors, sizes) please make sure those are different for every variation if you want to track each one differently.

Product line example

“26”;”Red shirt with blue strips”;””;”76,234,213″;”Category title 1, Category title 2, Category title 3”;”This is a short description of the product”;194.59;145.44;””;”Red”,”MarcoBrand”;3;0

  • If products fall under multiple categories (if you have a tree structure for example), add all of them separated by commas
  • If product does not have a discount price, then leave it 0

For product id and category id, make sure they are sent as lowercase and all spaces are replaced with underscore.

A product with id “FLV-GV 12” becomes “flv-gv_12” in our system.

A category with id “Photo & Video accessories-extra” becomes “photo_&_video accessories-extra“. It’s better to provide with numerical ID’s for product and category.

Example for a product with variations:

“15_1″;”Red shirt with blue strips size M”;””;”76,234,213″;”Category title 1, Category title 2, Category title 3”;”This is a short description of the product, size M”;194.59;145.44;””;”Red”,”MarcoBrand”;3;1

“15_2″;”Red shirt with blue strips size L”;””;”76,234,213″;”Category title 1, Category title 2, Category title 3”;”This is a short description of the product, size L”;194.59;0;””;”Red”,”MarcoBrand”;3;0

You can add any extra attributes to the feed, we are able to parse them.

Download CSV feed example

Product Feed CSV customization

Please check our advanced article if you plan to customize the CSV file

Most Common Errors

Because CSV files are quite strict about formatting, below we’ve added the most common issues found:

  • Long texts (like title, description) include new lines which will determine our parser to consider it a new item. Solution is to remove new lines, or replace them with empty string.
  • Texts (title, description, category titles) might include ‘ and ” (single quote and double quote). When found, our parser will consider the end of cell and try to cast those values in a wrong way. Solution is to add slashes before those special characters.
  • prices need to be in a valid format. $250 or 400,20 EUR are not valid formats. Solution is to set them as valid float numers.
  • if you seem to have a valid csv and no item is added, then try changing to utf-8-sig encoding (your file was generated with byte order mark, BOM). Also if your text attributes include funny characters try changing the encoding to ISO-8859-1 or Windows-1251

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