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The product recommendations campaigns are part of Interaction or Content campaigns. The reason to do it like this is linked to how the goal is achieved:

  • personalize existing site content (page real estate)
  • personalize on top of page (widgets, popups, bars and so on)

Content for those campaigns can include product recommendations which are shown to every user depending on their profile and on the algorithms you chose.

Like any other campaign, there must be at least one campaign variation.

To include a product recommendations campaign in your website, you need to:

  • decide what pages or where will the content be embedded
  • copy the CSS selector where the content will be inserted (various ways to insert)
  • decide if the algorithms rely on item/category event

The checkbox related to viewitem and viewcategory event is important to be checked if you want results that are related to this information: item on the page, or category. Also some algorithms won’t work if this checkbox is not selected.

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