Whatsapp Templates

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Meta Whatsapp templates support dynamic data. To read Meta Templates guidelines, please click here.

There are a few element types that support having dynamic tags. Those tags are always defined with the following format {{1}}.

You can replace those dynamic tags within dynamic templates with dynamic data from our system:

  • user attribute:
    • Example: {{user.firstname}}
  • event data
    • Example: {{event.generic.total}}
  • account information:
    • Example {{shop.title}}
  • item data
    • Example {{item.url}} {{item.title}} {{item.image}}

When creating templates in Whatsapp Manager, you need to keep in mind the following:

  • for tracking URL’s always use the following URL format
    • https://hook.vtcdn.net/secure/click/{{1}}
    • we are replacing {{1}} with the value that will redirect the user to a valid URL and also track the click
  • for carousel data, or where there are Loops, just use {{item.attribute}}, according to the product catalogue we track. The system automated dynamic data replacement
  • for generating unique vouchers we limit one voucher per message sent. This can show up in any dynamic field.
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