What are email webhooks

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Email webhooks represent events received from our Email Service Providers that tell what happened to an email. Based on each email sent the following events can be received:

  • delivery. Email was sent successfully to the email address
  • spam. User marked email as spam
  • unsubscribe. User unsubscribed, either using the unsubscribe link our clicking on email client unsubscribe button (based on List-Unsubscribe header)
  • soft bounce. Temporarily error in sending email or other error (mailbox full, domain or MX not found). Note that 5 consecutive soft_bounces will turn into a hard bounce
  • hard bounce. Permanent error, for example email address not found

You do not need to manage those events, as we will do it for you. What is important is to follow the following metrics inside our dashboard:

Spam rate (how many of those that email was sent to marked the email as being spam). Really important to build a qualitative list

Bounce rate. Many users input their email addresses wrong, or the users are old and their email addresses do not exist any more. (Important. we do not accept purchased email lists, or addresses that are not valid bought from various places)

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