What are push campaigns?

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Push campaigns are a new way of reaching your users, even if they are not online on your website.

This is a new technology and is currently available in Firefox, Chrome and Safari (not supported by us for now). We will continue to include any new browsers as soon as they add support.

Acquiring permission from users

Permission needs to be given for each browser a user is using. Even if the user is identified using it’s email address, you can request permission for any used browser (home laptop, office computer and mobile phone) and we will save all. You can decide later on which device you want the notification to be sent.

To have the best conversion rate for asking and receiving the permission we recommend a few steps. Read more how to do it.

Users can cancel their subscription from the browser and no more notifications will be sent to the user further. There are some ways to avoid this and ask for permission again.

Sending push notifications

Sending notifications is as simple as creating and sending a newsletter or a transactional campaign. Just use the “push” tab that will select the channel for the campaign.

Required fields for a notification are Title and Content. Title has a limit of 40 characters and body can be longer but usually will be trimmed under 60 characters.

It’s wise to used the icon field to display a catchy image on the left/right side of the message (depending on the browser). The icon size is recommended to be 192x192px to be displayed well on multiple devices.

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