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Communicate with your customers

The main external communication channels we offer are:

  • email
  • SMS (text messages)
  • web push notifications

Using those marketing channels you can reach your customers through a series of campaigns:

  • newsletters – sent once to the selected audience
  • recurring – sent automatically with a specific recurrence
  • transactional – sent based on user activity, after selected time interval

Customize website and increase conversion rate: onsite, content and merchandising campaigns.

Collect data: poll, survey, onsite campaigns

Collect data

Data is important and our system allows you to collect data from your website in various ways:

  • using custom update events
  • using onsite data collector campaigns (email collector or any user attribute: city, gender, how many kids, age or whatever you decide asking users
  • feedback campaigns (asking a series of questions)

There are 2 types of feedback campaigns: poll and survey. The difference between the 2 is that surveys can be used as a dedicated landing page to collect information from outside your website and polls only show-up on your website.

Customer Data 360 Profile

While it’s really hard to say we do have 100% of your customer data, it is indeed possible. We automate data collection from your website, user activity, purchases, conversions as well as engagement with marketing campaigns.

This data makes a very powerful data system that you can use for segmentation. This segmentation can be used in delivering campaigns (any of the above), integration with other systems or for analysis and reporting.

Increase website conversion rate

98% of your traffic is most probably just visiting and not going to purchase right away. There are many actions you can take to increase conversion rate, and from a marketing perspective, there are many we can help you with.

  • guide visitors to the desired locations using onsite campaigns
  • retargeting those that are uncertain over a specific actions
  • give automated discounts and vouchers codes at the right time.
  • collect data and identify visitors whom can be later retargeted using any of the marketing channels we support.

Product recommendations with advanced algorithms

One of the most loved features that is very simple to use is our recommendation engine. It allows you to display recommended products to users.

We do provide a set of automated algorithms that you can use on the website, in emails or even in push notifications campaigns:

  • abandoned cart products
  • most purchases or most viewed
  • similar to last purchase
  • best products with highest conversion rate
  • … many others, read more here

Lead nurturing

Collecting a lead (email or phone number) is not enough. Using our campaigns you can follow-up with the lead through the above mentioned channels and guide him to the next step in your marketing funnel.

There you got help from workflow campaigns that automate a drip email series starting with a simple action.

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