Why Content Preview fails

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When you preview an email you might get an error similar to this one.

Failed email preview notification

Why to preview content

Preview of content has 2 specific goals:

  1. To investigate the aspect of the content, if everything is according to your needs
  2. To determine if content information is valid, according to data available in the system

Usecase 1 is the default one, that is automatically considered when clicking preview. For this case we tell our system to return data by giving it some dummy recipients, products and event information.

Usecase 2 happens when you preview content by entering user email or event data. In such case we have strict rules and based on content and algorithms configuration, it might fail. The failure is required in order not to send invalid data to recipients.

Why preview might fail:

  • if you try to preview an abandoned cart email for a user that has no products in its cart, it will fail, but for good reason.
  • if the user does not exist in the system
  • if you configured “stop delivery” as fallback for a recommendation block inside the content, and there are no products to be returned.

Therefore, failed content preview is not always bad and it depends on multiple things.

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