Account settings

In the Shop settings section from the secondary menu you can change the default settings for your account.

Email account status

There are 2 possible options: Test and Live.

OnĀ TEST mode the emails won’t be send to any email address.

On LIVE mode, the emails are send. For each campaign, you can set if you want the campaigns to be send to a personal address or to real users.


Email sending settings

For each email campaign you need a name and an email address so the emails will be send on behalf of them. Afterward, you can still change the name and address for each campaign if the email addresses belong to the same domain.


LocalizationĀ settings

Here you have the option to change the date, language and currency.

Default email tracking UTM’s

By default we use these parameters when sending the email campaigns. They can be changes for each campaign. For more details click here.


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