Add Shopify clients under your agency

In order to integrate with Shopify websites you will need to install an app.

Shopify doesn’t allow for apps without a brand/domain name, so we created a VTmarketing app that sits on

To have the client install the app under your agency, please use previous link, install the app and contact us to move it under your agency.

In order to have your own Shopify APP, get in touch with us and will create one for you. We’ll create it for you in 2 days, so you will have your own subdomain and branding.

  1. Let the client enter the shopify url in the input field and click connect

2. Accept the conditions. APP will be unlisted because Shopify doesn’t accept unbranded apps (you need to apply for a listing, only for branded apps).

That should be all. Get in touch to move client account under your own agency.

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