Billing and Invoice Settings

You can edit all the settings under the Money tab from the left menu.

For setting up pricing plans, here’s a more detailed article


First tab will show you the list of existing invoices, which can be edited, sent or downloaded in PDF format


Invoice Settings

Invoice settings are used when creating invoices. You need to add at least one company for invoices to be created.

Invoice Number

can have a text prefix but must end with some digits. First ever invoice for this company will have this exact number (enter S001 if you want first to have S001). The subsequent invoices will have the numeric value +1.

VAT value

According to your company accounting settings.


Final currency will be added on the invoice, by converting plan values using an international exchange rate. If your plans are in USD and final currency is EUR we will show both values on the invoice.

Default Note

Static text added at the bottom of every invoice

Due Date

Number of days for payment. Will appear on the invoice.

Each email sent with the invoice can have a feedback link. If you’re using our own surveys, we will add a custom param to know who added the feedback.

Send & Create invoices

This will automatically create and send invoices on the 1st day of each month.

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