Common issues with modules, plugins and extensions

We’ve created modules for the most common ecommerce platforms, as well as help articles to describe the setup process. View all in here

Because each store is unique, and might have different settings, we’ve put here the most common issues and questions about them:

Feed syncronization doesn’t work


  1. Make sure the URL you have in Feed URL is reachable in your browser and a Forbidden text is displayed. If not please check the path and CMS configurations (redirects, permissions)
  2. If you don’t use the stock management option, you might need to add ?on_stock=off param for the product feed url . Also try with on_stock=on, depending on the version of the module.
  3. Use Preview Tab to easily see the results. If no results are visible, then Feed parse won’t work.
  4. Make sure you have Feed Params in place, according to the platform you are using. If not sure, just select the right platform and Save it again.

Add To Cart Event is not registered

Because each shop theme might use various CSS selectors for buttons, forms and links, it’s possible that our default values will not be working.

You need to go to Settings -> Account Settings and under the Advanced JS  tab you can set those values. Read more in this article

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