Common issues with push notifications

After having our web push solution installed by many of our customers, here are the most common issues found when installing those:

  1. Public files are not available in the browser.
    • Make sure the 2 files are uploaded to the server and are publicly available
  2. Enable Push notifications from our dashboard and purge cache.
    • Goto Campaigns -> Push
  3. Push notifications only work with the following requirements:
    • https must be enabled for your domain
    • your browser is not in an incognito mode
    • Chrome, Mozzila and Microsoft Edge browsers
  4. Your browser is not in an incognito mode
    • You must have a normal browser window
  5. You already granted notifications or you have the blocked
    • Set those to default by clicking on the left side of the browser address bar
    • Check it by entering the following command in browser developer console, which should return “default”: _vtsdk.User.context.session.pushStatus
  6. Widget display (prior to asking for browser push) was already displayed or conditions are not valid
    • Open browser developer console and run the following command:  _vtsdk.webpush.askPermission()
    • Standard browser notification permission widget should be displayed, asking you to confirm
  7. Logo image is not showing up
    • URL of the logo must be over https
    • on mobile, the logo is set not to be displayed, because of the small screens

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