Dynamic user attributes that automatically update values

Some user attributes (custom fields) are reserved by system because their value is automatically updated when certain events occur.

emUnsubDate Last email unsubscribe date
numberOfPurchases Total number of purchases
createdOn  User creation date
isCustomer Is customer
lastPurchaseDate Date of the last purchase
isSpam Flagged as spam?
isHardBounced Flagged as hard bounced
isSubscribed  Is subscribed to newsletter
isSubscribedAlerts Is subscribed to transactional emails
totalPurchasesValue Total value of purchases
source Acquisition source
lastEmailClickDate  Date of last clicked email
lastPurchaseValue Total value of last purchase
lastEmailOpenDate Date of last opened email
lastVisitDate Date of last visit to the site
score Score value
emSubDate  First email subscribe date

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