Email Newsletter Process statistics

We’ve introduced the process report to show┬áresults of sending a newsletter. This is an example of such report, available in each newsletter campaign report in Process section:

Processed emails
The total number of users who matched newsletter conditions at the time of sending. Equals to recipients count.
Requests that received a valid response from email service provider. This doesn’t guarantee sending of emails, because of the service provider who might not be able to receive emails
Failed process
User failed to process, no email sending was tried. Most common that stopped sending: email daily limits, failed algorithms without results.
Failed Sending
After processing the user, email sending failed. The reason is from the email service provider who didn’t accept our request.
Multiple sending tries are made (up to 5) if a send fails. Reasons: sending limits on email provider account, temporarily overload, internet whether.

Total process = OK + Fail to Process + Fail to Send

If they are not equal, our email workers stopped working for some reasons and needs manual investigation.

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