Explaining Users and Accounts

There might be some misunderstanding between users and accounts on our platform, so this article tries to make things clear.

Users can be considered as real persons who have various access levels to accounts. There are 3 levels of access: read, edit and admin.

  • Read access can only read reports and view campaign settings
  • Edit access can create campaigns and make changes to them
  • Admin access has full access over account, including editing user access, view billing and change account configuration settings.

Account is based on a site (domain name) and it’s unique for an agency.  Under one agency account could not exist 2 accounts with the same domain name.


When you add a new client under agency dashboard, a new account will be created. An email address is compulsory, and a user will be created if the email is not already in our database. If the email already exists, only a link will be attached to the new accounts with admin level access.

When enabling self-service and use our registration API, first of all a new user will be created (if it doesn’t already exists). After confirming the email, that user can login and add first account (based on a domain name).


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