Workflow campaigns

Workflow campaigns allow you to send a series of emails based on a trigger event. They are similar to transactional campaigns, only that there are made of multiple steps. Email delivery of each step will trigger the next one. An exit event will stop the entire workflow for an user, regardless the step user is in.

Note: workflow campaigns are still in Beta, we will be improving them in the next period.

Campaign Workflows limits

  • There is a time limit of 30 days for the entire workflow to be processed. This means that the sum of waiting time since trigger event must be lower than 30days.
  • Number of steps within a workflow should be less or equal 4.
  • Each step can have a maximum number of 20 content variations.

Keeps to remind:

  • if one email is not sent for some reason, user will not continue the workflow because the email delivery did not take place
  • if user is not subscribed to receive emails (isSubscribedAlerts) for the initial trigger event, it will become eligible for second step.
  • waiting time is not very accurate. There is processing time added and in some cases email delivery events might come late.

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