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Our API is currently limited to adding/editing users and attributes for your account. Before using API please ask your account manager to enable it.

API endpoints

Current endpoint is available at:https://api.vtcdn.net/v1/

We’re moving our API to OpenAPI (former Swagger), including V1. Please refer to our OpenAPI documentation

API Conventions

  • API versioning is handled using a major version number in the URL, e.g. /v1/endpoint
  • URL paths, URL query parameter names, and JSON field names are case sensitive
  • /something is NOT equivalent to /something/. Please use it without ending slash
  • Query parameters and JSON fields use lower case, with underscores separating words
  • The HTTP status response indicates whether an operation failed or succeeded, with extra information included in the body
  • All APIs return standard error code formats
  • Unexpected query parameters or JSON body fields are ignored


To authenticate with the APIs, specify the “Authorization” header with each request. The value of the Authorization header must be a valid API key found under your account profile

Using cURL

For example:

curl -v \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: lk12341kl3hjk2341h32j45jkj1lk2j3" \
-X GET "https://api.vtcdn.net/v1/user/[email protected]"

Will return all data available for a user.
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