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From time to time you might make changes to the shop theme. Or upgrade it to the latest CMS version.

Usually this breaks integration and event data are not received any more.

You will need to follow the next steps, and to have some knowledge of browser Developer Console.

  1. Check main pixel presence and account ID
    • Details https://help.vtcdn.net/knowledge-base/main-web-javascript-pixel/
    • Also make sure account ID is present and it’s the valid one.
  2. For each type of page, check the presence of the event
    • Details here https://help.vtcdn.net/knowledge-base/standard-ecommerce-events-with-javascript/
    • Make sure product ID’s match ID’s you have in the product feed.
    • Make sure clicking on buttons (for example add to cart) generate the right event with the right product ID
  3. Check product feed
    • Details: https://help.vtcdn.net/knowledge-base/product-feed-syncronization/
    • If you’re an ecommerce company check the product feed and how many products we have indexed.

Integration is important and you might need to write custom JS code for a really good and valid setup. Please get in touch with us if you can’t do it by yourself.

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