How to create a new Facebook campaign

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Facebook campaigns are the end goal of Facebook Integration. Please make sure you completed Facebook Integration before creating campaigns.

Our system synchronises all Facebook resources when you save them with Facebook Ad platform. Resources are:

  • Ad Creatives
  • Ad
  • Ad Sets
  • Campaigns

Structure of a Facebook campaign can be like the one below. We do not try to replicate the Ad Manager entirely, but make the most common cases in an easier way.

Facebook Campaign Structure Best Practices

Configuration for Facebook Campaigns

On the form page you will be able to set objective and budget. After settings objective and budget type, you won’t be able to edit those again. What you can do is to create a new campaign.

Adding Adsets

Ad sets are important as they let you choose audience, group ads together and let Facebook algorithms optimize the campaign.

The main Adset configuration looks like below.

Choosing Audiences and Targeting

Audience Tab will give you the possibility to choose from existing Audiences. Those can be added to inclusion or exclusion list.

What the system does is to combine people in those audiences according to inclusions and exclusions, based on the types of audiences already created.

Selecting audience is very important and requires some knowledge. Follow our blog so you can learn what to consider when creating such an audience.

Defining Creatives

Creatives represent the Ad that visitors will see and click (image/video/carousel/text). Facebook gives you the opportunity to use various formats and we let you use the most common ones.

Depending on campaign objective and adset you have access to create automatically the following types of ads:

  • classic ad with text, image and/or video
  • a dynamic ad with multiple values for text, image, description that will let Facebook decide the best one that will bring you results.
  • product carousels
  • dynamic ads with products frames and overlays

Creatives can only be added under adsets. You can always see what was creating by viewing it in your Ad Manager account.

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