Integration with Mailchimp

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You can integrate with Mailchimp to easily solve some of the most common things:

  • import subscribed emails from an existing Mailchimp list to our system. See Import users
  • send new email addresses collected our email collectors to Mailchimp list
  • unsubscribe emails from Mailchimp list when they unsubscribe from our system.

Integrate using Apikey

First, you will need to copy a MailChimp apikey into our system. Please check here (opens new window) how to find your apikey in your Mailchimp account.

Go to Setup -> Integrations and paste your key in here. After you save and refresh the page you’ll be able to see your users lists.

You can choose to unsubscribe users from a specific list, when they unsubscribe from our system.

Send new emails to Mailchimp

When creating a new email collector campaign, under Advanced Settings Tab you have the option to send new email addresses to one of your Mailchimp lists:

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