Profitmetrics Integration

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Integration with allows to send confirmation events (purchases) to their sistem.

You will need to have an account with Profitmetrics beforehand.

  • copy the api key from their account and save it under integration
  • extend the integration with the following extra parameters. Extra parameters must have a valid JSON format

Extra parameters:

remove_vat[bool] default Trueif True we remove VAT from the purchase total value
vat_rate[float] default 0.19VAT rate that will be removed when remove_vat is true
plaintext_pii[bool] default TrueWhen False we won’t send PII information in clear (phone number/email)
currency[string] 3 letter ISO CodeWe’re using account currency, but can be overwritten if you have a different one for ads
	"remove_vat": true,
	"vat_rate": 0.17,
	"plaintext_pii": true,
	"currency": "USD"
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