Updates September 2022

This time is one of our biggest upgrades. It was done over the past months and with a big impact on accounts. Automations Automations represent a sequence of actions that happen after a recipient takes a specific action. Types of triggers: Automations can be triggered be any set of events […]

Shopify customers synchronization

According to Shopify API terms we synchronize customers both ways. From Shopify to VTMarketing The happens automatically when new customers are created within Shopify and our systems receive the webhooks. From VTMarketing to Shopify Because our public app captures customer data via Shopify online store, we do sync back those […]

Impact on performance of our Pixel

Our PixelJS is using an asynchronous way of loading Javascript into the website. The biggest benefit of this is 0 impact on performance. See the screenshots below, take on a new empty Shopify store before our app is installed and afterwards. We’ve been using Lighthouse open source tool, available in […]

What are list pages

Every list comes by default with pages that are generated automated but can be customized according to your requirements. The pages are: Subscription form Subscription confirmation Unsubscription form Unsubscription confirmation Double Opt-In email Double Opt-In confirm email Profile Page (only for main list) Profile Page confirmation

What are users lists and how they work

User lists are like static segments where users can join (or be added) to a list. Your account has a default Newsletter (main) list, but you can add new lists. Where we use lists: campaign segmentation destination for newly collected recipients default reporting regarding list updates Ways users can join […]

How to configure Shopify App on your theme

Regardless the type of theme you have (vintage or new JSON format) this article will be the same. There are a few steps to follow. Copy your account ID that you find under your Account Settings Go to Theme Settings in your Shopify Dashboard and click Customize 3. Click theme […]

How user lists work with campaigns.

By default your account has one subscribers list, which is called newsletter (main). We use list concept in the following places: collecting emails using a popup importing users through API selecting recipients to send a batch campaign in workflows or transactional emails When you create a campaign, by default this […]

What whitelabel options do you provide?

For the whitelabel options there are 2 main options: Whitelabel agency account on one of our existing instances, where you have access to up to date feature, improvements all the time. Dedicated whitelabel, where we built an instance similar to our in the area where your customers are. How do […]