Teasers for Interaction Campaigns

You can add teasers for interaction campaigns to give users the change to click and trigger campaign in a very easy way. This Teaser configuration section shows up for every content variation. Things you need to know about teasers: they only show up only when all campaign conditions are met. […]

How to demo the APP to your clients.

You are an agency and you want to demo what the software can do for your business. Or you are an ecommerce business and want to understand how the solution works. We’ve launched 2 demo ecommerce shops (with standard pages) to help you with: understand how integration works (how events […]

How to communicate with Pixel SDK from iframe

If you are using iframes on your website or have onsite campaigns running within iframe you can communicate with our main pixel as follows: Our pixel automatically receives the data you send and processes it the usual way. Note that you need to consider Same Origin Policy or Access-Control-Allow-Origin from […]

What IPs are you using to access our systems?

If your system is behind a firewall or you need to whitelist access to your data feeds or customer files you can configure the following IP addresses: In the future those might change and we can not keep track on how each client is using them, […]

How to create and send a newsletter

In this article we guide you step by step how to create a newsletter campaign. We assume you are an ecommerce company, you’ve added your product feed, imported existing email recipients and configured your basic account information. If you haven’t already, please find the links below: Preliminary steps: create and […]

Newsletter campaign

The newsletter campaigns are the easiest email campaigns, which are send only once at a specific time and date. Newsletter campaign content Like any other campaign, there must be at least one campaign variation. User segmentation By default, every newsletter campaign is set to be send to all newsletter subscribers (the […]

How to download Plugins, Extensions and Modules

For integration with various software & CMS we offer components that we manage in-house. All modules can be found under Account -> Profile -> Integration where you need to download the one that match your site platform. Notes for using those plugins we provide: you take full responsibility of using […]

Event data not being received

From time to time you might make changes to the shop theme. Or upgrade it to the latest CMS version. Usually this breaks integration and event data are not received any more. You will need to follow the next steps, and to have some knowledge of browser Developer Console. Check […]

Send survey by email

To send a survey by email there are 2 steps: Create the survey campaign. Add the survey public link to your email content Survey campaign First you will need to set up and save a survey campaign. You can learn more about survey campaigns. The public link of a survey […]

What are survey campaigns

Survey campaigns are used to collect information and data based on public links. You need to set a series of questions using our questions editor that will be displayed in a series. Question types: Single answer Multiple answer Toggle Free text input small Free text input large Mood NPS