Custom Javascript on every page

As you can find out here, you can have custom javascript to load on every page. Because almost every site is unique, or the theme of your CMS is a bit different, you might need to do small adjustments, without a developer to make changes to the site. Here is […]

Emailing campaigns content

When you add a new campaign variation to any campaign, you have the option to use the visual editor. In order to use it, you have to choose one gallery template to use. If there is only one template option, then it means you don’t have a customized account template. For more […]

What are some default images I can use in my templates

We give for free some images you can use in any of your templates:

How should phone numbers be formatted?

You can import user phone numbers to send text messages to those using our system. Currently we have integration with Twilio and SMSAdvert. The number format needs to follow the following format: [+ country_prefix] phone_number For example: +34912345678 Spain number +1456-456-9845 US phone number When we do receive the “tel” […]

Do I need a second account for my subdomain?

This is a question we sometimes receive. You have one website (maybe only presentation) available at and a shop subdomain at or mobile version at For any of these cases you will only need a single account to manage all these. You only need to register with […]

How to get Last Source when submitting a form

As you know, you can have a call to an endpoint when users submit a form from one of our interaction campaigns: For example: you have email, phone, url and platform in your content form you can also get variables collected by our integration loader. For Source what is important […]

Does integration slow down my web site?

Short answer: NO Initial page rendering is not affected at all. Overall experience might be affected, like it is with any Javascript running on the page, depending also on client device. Below it’s the explanation of how the integration works like any other Javascript code added to your webpage.  It’s […]