Manually check web pixel integration

This is a step by step article to check for an end-to-end manual integration for our Web Pixel. Prerequisites: Account is already created and you have access to it. You have a product data feed that we can use for synchronizing product information You know how to use a developer […]

How to test product recommendations

Our product recommendation engine works based on algorithms. Each algorithm represents a set of functions, methods and conditions to return data based on specific data input. Here you can learn more about the algorithms. You can test the results of those algorithms for an user without creating a campaign and […]

Gomag Integration

Common configuration for integrating with Gomag shops. There is an app on Gomag marketplace, but not always covering all requirements for an end-to-end integration. Below changes will fix what is missing, and even if those will be fixed at some point in the future, it won’t break anything. Custom integration […]

Events restrictions and considerations

Each of the standard events are there because are most common across industries. We continue to add “standard” events based on various integrations with new channels or new types of businesses. Some of those have some restrictions and determine our systems to act accordingly: Events generated by bots By default […]

Explanation of Web Pixel Integration

There are specific needs of JS integration or HTML changes requirements. Everything refers tothe platform running in the browser: JS is needed for events integration, custom selectors or on page variables HTML is needed for changes in interaction campaigns (and maybe emails) Solution overview The pixel script is loaded on […]

Common issues with domains and websites

There are many things on the web that for a normal user do not matter and do not change anything in his browsing endeavour. But behind the scenes, the technology abstracts some of these problems in order to make it a smoother experience: for example http and https (secure browsing, […]