What are Facebook Product Sets

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Facebook product sets are groups of products from your catalog matching specific filters. Most common examples include product sets with filters based on brands, categories, colors or within a price range.

You need product sets to promote them in an adset according to Facebook Ads policies.

Our system helps you define those product sets in a very easy way, and without the need to exit the dashboard.

Types of product sets

Grouping products together in such product sets can be done automatically.

Using product filters

Product filters will be synchronized with facebook catalog filters. This way your product set will be automatically updated by Facebook, and no manual changes are required at a later time.

Auto-select products

This option will allow you to select and update the product set using some of our algorithms. The following options are available:

  • most purchased
  • most added to cart
  • most wishlisted
  • most viewed items

Manual select products

This was you can manually add product into a product set. Use our search box who searches you catalogue by product title or id.

Note that items that are removed from your product feed will also be removed automatically if they are not available any more.

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