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How can this app help me?

Our app is a software solution dedicated to the online shops. It helps you communicate efficiently with your clients having the following advantages:

  1. Increasing conversion rate and sales.
  2. increasing user satisfaction and improving relationship with your customers.
  3. Simplifying marketing processes through automatization and lowering the costs .

What is the difference between this app and other similar solutions?

Most likely the experience and the quality of the services that we offer. We stardet in 2009, testing and experimenting numerous other solutions in the process of building the product we have today.

Why 42 campaigns?

Since 2009 we created a few thousands campaigns for hundreds of clients all over the world. Analyzing the results we found out that those 42 campaigns which we suggest are the most common and bring the best results.

Can I create other campaigns?

Of cours. Our platform supports changes for the campaigns in the gallery or you can create any campaign from scratch, according to your needs.

These 42 campaigns are available in your account, depending on the type of campaign you want to create.

How much does it cost?

You can pay accourding to the performance or the size of your shop

  • Percentage of the sales we helped generate
  • fixed amount based on active users

What does the payment based on the generated sales include?

Regardless of the payment method that you chose you have full access to our platform. Including sending newsletters, the only limit would be 1.000.000 (one million) emails sent monthly or 4 times the number of active users.

What does ‘active users’ mean?

Active users are those who generate at least one event on your website, in one day. A single user, can have multiple sessions , for example on multiple devices, but will be consider as one user after being identified through email.

What is influenced sales?

An influenced sale represents a purchase made by a user who interacted with at least one of our campaigns. It can be either an email campaign or an onsite campaign.

What features are available during testing period?

Testing period lasts 14 days from the moment we activate your account. During this period you have full access to all of our campaigns.

What conditions have to be met to be able to use this app?

All you need is a functional online shop and to apply for an account in our platform.  Subsequently we will have to do the integration.

How is it done and how long does the integration take?

The integration is possible with any platforms for online shops. For the most common ones we have created  plugins. See technical details about the integration here .

When do I start using the app?

As soon as your account has beed activated and you received your login data, you will be able to create campaigns. For most of the campaigns the completions of the integration is required.

If you wish to use the newsletter feature, you have the possibility to upload manually the email addresses and to send it immediatly.

How do I create a campaign?

This article will help you to understand better the different types of campaigns and how to crate them by yourself.

How can I test a campaign?

In order to see how a campaign works, you have to put it on Test mode.

For the email campaigns you can send test emails by writing your email address and then click the Send test button.

For the interaction campaigns, there is a live preview link for each variation of the campaign.

The recommendation campaigns are inserting the content on your site automatically. If you don’t want it to be visible to users, check the Test Mode option and click and the special preview link.

Can I edit the campaign content?

Yes. You have access to a visual editor for each type of campaign. If you want to edit the source code, you need to have basic HTML knowledge.

What are dynamic tags?

Tags which look like this **|name_tag|**  will be replaced with specific values. For example:

  • **|product.title|** will be replaced with the product title
  • **|user.email|** shows the email address
  • **|campaign.type|**

How can I check the campaign results?

The campaign results can be checked and analysed in the dashboard. We offer general reports on the homepage and more detailed reports for each campaign on the Reports page.

Moreover, based on the UTM tracking settings, you have access to similar reports on Google Analytics. Contact us if you need help in order to view these informations on your Analytics account.

Can I delete/ edit or change campaigns?

Of course.  You have complete access to everything that happens on your site and email campaigns.

How do I make A/B testing?

Every campaign has the option to test more content variation. For more details about A/B/ testing read here.

Where can I change my account settings?

In the secondary menu from top right, you have access to a section from where you can change your shop settings.  Read more here.

When and how do I pay?

The payment is done monthly based on an invoice, depending on the payment option you chose. You can pay either by bank card or transfer.

As for the billing data, please contact us so we can change them.

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