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You’ve decided to try out our marketing automation platform. First of all, thank you.

We add here an overview of the steps you need before you can start working with campaigns. Not all of them are mandatory, it really depends of what you need to achieve with us.

Website Integration

Integration is first step that 99% of the times is required. It covers the following:

  • main PixelJS
  • events collection
  • product information (if you are an ecommerce)

We do provide integration plugins/extensions for most common platforms, but can also support custom ones.

Available Modules are found under Account Profile > Integration

Custom Javascript Integration explained

Import existing users

If you have a list of email or phone subscribers you can import them to our system. There are 3 ways of doing it:

  • manual import (copy paste)
  • import from file (accepting CSV files)
  • import from mailchimp

How to import existing users

Authenticate domain for sending Emails

If you plan sending emails with our platform this step is required. Domain authentication represent the approval you give us to send emails on your behalf.

This improves deliverability and it’s a must for sending batch emails.

How to setup Domain Authentication

Enable and configure Push notifications

Push notifications integration requires an extra file to be copied to your server, and enabling them afterwards in your account.

Some of the integration modules we offer are automatically adding the required files.

Read more about push notifications.

How to install push notifications or All articles about push

Add your own Text/SMS Provider

Sending text messages requires you to have an account with one of our SMS gateway providers. To start sending text messages first step is to add credentials to your account.

How to send text messages

Authenticate with Facebook

Facebook Integration is necessary for the following features:

  • automatically post products or messages to your facebook page
  • create ads
  • create audiences (user segments)
  • create campaigns
  • synchronize product catalogue

Connect with Facebook

Creating your own email gallery

You have access to our email gallery whenever you create a new email. However, if you want to have a custom email gallery to use in your campaigns you will need to duplicate and customize one of the existing.

Read about creating your customer email gallery

Configure Voucher Codes

If you plan to add voucher codes into emails we offer a few ways to do it. You’re lucky again if you use one of our integration modules because we can dynamically generate coupon codes.

Adding those dynamic tags that will be replaced by coupon code into emails it’s simple using our visual editor, or copy paste the dynamic tag if you plan to use it differently.

More on adding coupon codes to your emails

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